The Drawing of Reinforced Concrete

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Conceptual Design (CD)

Conceptual Design is very useful and practical in case of adaptation and dimensioning for seismic analysis requirements. It  was specifically designed to adapt and generate the proper geometries of reinforced concrete elements. In fact, the module can be used to dimension the vertical (walls, pillars, nucleus) and horizontals (beams) elements, according to the vertical loads and seismic actions, thus obtaining the proper geometries to be exported to the calculation programs for the next structural analysis.

The procedure follows these steps:

  1. Insertion of the loads associated with slab-floors and decks
  2. Automatic calculation of beams and pillars areas of influence, even for more decks
  3. Pillars dimensioning, slenderness checks, specific weight calculation
  4. Beams dimensioning for static and seismic combination (*)
  5. Stiffness calculation and vertical elements areas of cut
  6. Stiffness calculation with the “aim” to classify vertical elements as primary or secondary
  7. Interactive modification of vertical elements with the outlining of the stiffness ellipse, with possible transferibility of data and results to Excel
  8. Verification of vertical elements geometries with chromatic scales visualization
  9. Verification of beams geometries with chromatic scales visualization

The Conceptual Design module, created in collaboration with  Prof. Francesco Biasioli of Politecnico di Torino University, allows to draw the required trajectories in cad environment, as by his accademic research. The product gained over the last years, until today, great success on the Italian market and within the national territory.

Extra modules

some additional modules that optimize the software, by targeting some specific needs of the user:
  • Pillars
  • Dxf Total Converter (DTC)
  • Conceptual Design (CD)

PILLARS dxf total converter 

Dxf Total Converter (DTC)


Dxf Total Converter is a very useful tool.
The module converts any DXF or DWG, it is particularly adapt to transform the outputs of all calculation programs, into Auto_C.A. drawings, with several advantages:  
  1. The dxf gets transformed, with a simple click, into a drawing with high quality lay-out and graphic. 
  2. Whole drawing conversion, not just single schemes.
  3. Possibility to complete the drawing with sections and details. 
  4. Sequential reinforcement positions and coordinate numeration.
  5. Bars Lists and computes immediatly available.
  6. Drawings conversion to any selected scale.
  7. Application of all preferred styles and preferences, in one step.
  8. The module is able to interpret even drawings with geometry out of scale and bring them back to full scale geometries.
List of italian softwares currently converted:
CDS Win, CMP, Edilus, IperSpace, MasterSAP, Modest, ProSAP, SismiCAD.

Base modules

GstarConcrete is a software projected to make the drawing of reinforced concrete elements faster and easier

You can draw, reinforce and calculate any structural and reinforced concrete elements with handwriting accuracy, and, at the same time, drastically reduce the risk of errors, and shrink the working times.




GstarConcrete is made of 3 modules, each one dedicated to any drawing requirement: each customer will select his modules combination according to his needs.

GstarConcrete Base Modules

  • Structures
  • Reinforcement
  • Sections and Computation

GstarConcrete Extra Modules

  • Pillars
  • Dxf Total Converter (DTC)
  • Conceptual Design (CD)


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