The Drawing of Reinforced Concrete

GstarConcrete 2018

GstarCAD 2018 compatible

Work simple and flawlessly, GstarCAD 2018 is a CAD platform solution.


GstarConcrete 2018

Reinforcement module: high productivity

Reduce costs by increasing production.


GstarConcrete 2018

AUTOSHAPE Technology: the bars can fit any structure

Selected the geometry: the rest is already done!


GstarConcrete 2018

.ABS export file for numeric control machines

By drawing directly in production.


GstarConcrete 2018

Pillars module: easy & fast reinforcement

it takes just a few clicks ...


No limits to the structures geometries and shapes to be reinforced
Graphic and layout personalization
Set the parameters and follow the rules!

Increase the productivity of your CAD!
Reduce the resources used to produce the drawing!
It increases security and prevents errors

It computes quickly and accurately the plates of reinforcement
It allows to Export bar list to Excel format
It allows to Export bar list to ABS format


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