The Drawing of Reinforced Concrete

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GstarConcrete is an open world: we are available to help any Software house develop its compatibility with our SW environment. Hence, the final user, will be able to export, from the calculation program, to GstarConcrete, graphic elements that will turn into parametric objects, once open with it. As a consequence, thanks to public protocols that dialogue with illustrative guides, everyone may obtain from its calculation drawings, new paramtric proffesional and official drawings. This is an example of the full adaptability of GstarConcrete, being suitable for a wide range of customization projects. We are waiting for your project and customization request!

How it works?

Once completed the process for its full compatibility:

  • GstarConcrete can be exported to the calculation programs, generating 3D models.
  • GstarConcrete will read also the calculation models and automatically re-draws the decks.
  • GstarConcrete automatically re-draws the reinforcements of the calculation programs.


The guides GstarConcrete are freely available in the download section. (you need to register on the site)

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